Build Update #1

Our first build day was a huge success! We made a lot of progress on the takeout box, ate lots of pizza, and took inventory of our storage container.

We have about a month left until the Burn and we are so excited to show you our progress… stay tuned for more updates!

We hit our Kickstarter goal!

We did it!

Thanks to everyone who donated and shared our Kickstarter we raised $9,716 which exceeded our transportation stretch goal to cover transportation costs!

Grumpy cat:

Stay tuned for more build updates and more info about our project.

1 day left! Can you help us get fully funded?

Wow, we continue to be overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and generosity of all our supporters. We appreciate your kind words and excitement for bringing dumplings to the playa!

BUT, we only have 1 day left to reach our final stretch goal to FULLY FUND our project… Can you help us climb to the top?

Climbing to the top!
Climbing to the top!

$1140 STRETCH GOAL: We need $1140 to fully fund our project. We set our original goal ($7500) as low as we could to feasibly fund our project. With you generosity, we have now reached our first stretch goal ($9250) of covering all our transportation costs. However, we still are only funded for HALF of the cost of building materials and the flame effects. Help us reach $1140 to fully fund our project!

Maybe take a moment to post on your Facebook wall or share the word with some friends:

We can’t wait to share the goodness with all ya’ll out in the desert!


-The Catmandu Crew

9 Days To Go!


We only have 9 days left on our Kickstarter to meet our goal! Please spread the love by donating, reposting, and telling your friends.

Our test run at Priceless last weekend went amazing and we are more ready than ever to bring the dumpling love to the playa! If we don’t reach our goal we get nothing…. but we are so so close!


2017 Build Update #1

We’ve been hard at work getting ready to serve thousands of dumplings out on the playa. A few weekends ago we met up to clean the yard, unload the lumber delivery, do a storage run, and BBQ!

Last weekend we went to Priceless to do a test-run by serving a bunch of dumplings to our fellow festival-goers. Thanks to everyone who stopped by!

We are currently almost 75% funded, with 2 weeks to go… Please help us out and spread the word!

Burning Man 2017 – CatmanDumplings

Thats right ladies, gents, and felines…

Catmandu is returning to the playa this year with a giant Chinese take out box fully equipped with hot and tasty dumplings, snarky fortune cookies, and flame shooting chopsticks. 







Be sure to check out our Kickstarter and subscribe to this blog for build updates and fundraising progress! 

Can’t wait to see you out on the playa!


Our Kickstarter was SUCCESSFUL! Woo hoo!

Thanks to more than 200 awesome (and handsome, and clever…) backers, we hit our goal, and then our stretch goal, and then some! We raised almost $10,000 for Catmandu and we are beyond excited about it. To everyone who contributed, or commented, or shared our video… thank you! We’re grateful from the bottoms of our little kitty hearts.

Now… time to keep building! We’re about to move Catmandu into a bigger warehouse so we can set the whole darn thing up, finish the painting and install lighting, and then we can get to the fun stuff: adding all of the kitty toys! We’ve already done a ton of work and we have a ton of work left to do, but it’s been incredibly fun and we know it’ll be worth it as soon as this thing hits the playa.

Thank you, thank you, thank you again! We love y’all, and we’ll see you at Burning Man 2013 in just a few short months! MEOW!

Our Kickstarter is live!

Woo! We did it! Our Kickstarter is alive!


We’ve already invested a ton of our own money into this and we’re asking for a bit more to get it to the playa and back. If you can help at all, please do so, we would sincerely appreciate it.

As for the structure… we’re very nearly done with preliminary construction, and believe us… it looks pretty damn good! We still have to do some final safety checks on the main structure and then we can get started on the fun part: decorating! We’re going to keep the construction photos close to the chest for now as we don’t want to spoil anything, but we’ll be posting some updates here and there.

Thanks to everyone who’s keeping track of this project so far. We’re thrilled to share it with you on the playa and we hope you’re excited to see it too.

Build Update No. 4

Hello kitty fans… time for another Catmandu update!

As for construction, we’re done with the main platform and the supports. It’s not 100% finished, but most of it has been measured, cut, and nailed together as you can see here:



We’re almost done with the supports for the pods as well, which will extend above the main platform and provide lounging spots with a great view.

In other news, our Kickstarter video is nearly done, and we can’t wait to share it with you! All of our kitties gave their best performances and it should give you a good idea of what we’re trying to accomplish with the whole project. Plus, we have some awesome rewards for our lovely backers, so if you’ve been craving some awesome Catmandu swag then we may have just the thing for you!